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Year 2009

Michael Johansson

Michael Johansson

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Strövtåg i tid och rum, 2009, (Strolls through time and space), Armchair, books, bags, boxes, radio, clock, etc. Dimensions: 0.55 x 0.85 x 0,6 m

After studies at the Art Academy in Trondheim, Norway, and Kunsthochschule Berlin Weissensee, Germany, Michael Johansson took his masters degree at Malmö Art Academy, Sweden, 2005. After that he has taken part of several residencies, exhibited frequently both within and outside of Sweden, and constantly developed new work. He is currently living and working in Malmö.

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Cake Lift, 2009, Objects from the storage room at Århus Kunstbygning (DK), Dimensions: 1.4 x 5 x 0.8 m

[singlepic id=1469 w=470 h=319 float=]
Ghost II, 2009, White objects, Dimensions: 2,9 x 2,9 m

See Michael Johansson’s site here

Mary and Max : The Exhibition at ACMI

Mary and Max: The Exhibition at ACMI

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Mary and Max : The Exhibition, ACMI

The Australian Centre for the Moving Image presents
Mary and Max : The Exhibition
Tuesday 2 March – Sunday 6 June, 2010
Gallery 2, ACMI, Free!

Mary and Max, the first animated feature film from Academy Award Winner® Adam Elliot, will be the subject of a free exhibition at the Australian Centre for the Moving Image from 2 March 2010.

The exhibition will explore the creative and technical processes behind the acclaimed Australian animation by showing a selection from the thousands of items created for the film alongside imagery from the finished product.

Items on display include character models and their various components including plasticine replacement parts used to change facial expressions, as well as moulds, sets, props, conceptual sketches, storyboards, production notes and scrapbooks. The exhibition will also feature stills and clips from the finished film, and behind-the-scenes footage shot for a making-of style ‘mockumentary’.

[singlepic id=1415 w=470 h=313 float=]
Mary and Max : The Exhibition, ACMI

The director, writer and designer, Elliot has personally selected the clay figures, props and sets to include in this exhibition and hopes that visitors will enjoy this behind-the-scenes insight into his craft. Mary & Max, directed, written and designed by Elliot took five years to make, including one year of filming.

Spanning 20 years and 2 continents, Mary & Max tells of a pen-pal relationship between two very different people: Mary Dinkle (voiced by Toni Collette with Bethany Whitmore as young Mary), a chubby, lonely 8-year-old living in the suburbs of Melbourne, Australia; and Max Horovitz (Philip Seymour Hoffman), a severely obese, 44-year-old Jewish man with Asperger’s Syndrome living in the chaos of New York City.

As with Elliot’s previous works, which he describes as ‘clayographies’ (clay animated biographies) Mary & Max chronicles two simultaneous life stories; Mary’s trip from adolescence to adulthood, and Max’s passage from middle to old age, as it explores a bond that survives much more than the ups-and-downs of an average friendship. Mary & Max is both hilarious and poignant as it takes us on a journey that explores friendship, autism, taxidermy, psychiatry, alcoholism, where babies come from, obesity, kleptomania, sexual differences, trust, copulating dogs, religious differences, agoraphobia and many more of life’s surprises.

Elliot is a celebrated independent animator. His short films, Uncle (1996), Cousin (1998), Brother (1999) and Harvie Krumpet (2003), have participated in over five hundred film festivals and won over one hundred awards, including in 2004, the Oscar ® for Best Animated Short Film for Harvie Krumpet.

Mary & Max (2009), Elliot’s debut feature with longtime collaborator producer Melanie Coombs, enjoyed its world premiere as the opening night film of the 2009 Sundance Film Festival and has since screened at film festivals and in cinemas across Australia, New Zealand, Asia, Europe, Middle-East, South America, the UK and USA. This year it has won several coveted awards including Best Animation at the Asia Pacific Screen Awards, the Inside Film Award for Best Production Design and numerous others, including those directly recognising the producer and cinematographer, and is in the running for an Oscar nomination in a competitive field of 20 world-class animations eligible for nomination in 2010.

Elliot is no stranger to ACMI having displayed his Oscar and Harvie Krumpet figure at the centre since 2003. Now it lives in ACMI’s free permanent exhibition, Screen Worlds. Elliot will visit ACMI in 2010 when he presents Desert Island Flicks in Studio 1. In addition, ACMI’s popular free claymation workshops will return in the school holidays to coincide with the exhibition.

Mary & Max: The Exhibition is in ACMI’s Gallery 2 and opens 2 March for a strictly limited season until 6 June 2010. Entry is free.

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Jon Macnair

Jon Macnair

[singlepic id=1398 w=470 h=622 float=]
Consulting the Wise One – India ink on paper – 2009

Jon MacNair was born in Seoul, South Korea and grew up in the suburbs of southeastern Michigan. From a very early age, he loved to draw and decided to attend The Maryland Institute College of Art in Baltimore where he earned a BFA in illustration. He has done freelance illustration for various editorial publications and his fine art has been shown in galleries across the country. He currently resides in Michigan.

[singlepic id=1397 w=470 h=623 float=]
The Pool – India ink on paper – 2009

‘Thispiece is one of my personal favorites. I really enjoyed working on itand creating the different flora and fauna that inhabit the landscape.I also like the ambiguous narrative it presents to the viewer, withit’s mythical undertones. This work was exhibited in the group show “WeAre Awake” at Double Punch in San Francisco” – Jon Macnair

[singlepic id=1402 w=470 h=360 float=]
Collection Day” – India ink on found paper – 2009

See more of Jon’s work here

Winona Nelson

Winona Nelson

[singlepic id=1405 w=470 h=550 float=]
Battle Elf, 10″ x 11.5″, Digital, Winona Nelson 2009

Winona Nelson is a freelance illustrator living in Philadelphia.  She previously worked in the video game industry as a concept artist after attending the Conceptart.org Atelier in San Francisco where she studied under Carl Dobsky, Coro Kaufman, James Kei, Shawn Barber, Jason Chan and others.  More of her work can be found at www.winonanelson.com, and at her blog www.winonanelson.blogspot.com, where she posts sketches and process shots as well.

[singlepic id=1407 w=470 h=836 float=]
Huntress, 10″ x 18″, Digital, Winona Nelson 2009

[singlepic id=1414 w=470 h=160 float=]
Element Rock Set 1, 18″ x 6″, Digital, Winona Nelson 2008

Jonathan Wong

Jonathan Wong

[singlepic id=1413 w=470 h=627 float=]
Orlaith, illustration made for the Depthcore collective (www.depthcore.com)

Jonathan Wong is a third year student studying graphic design in the Limerick School of Art & Design in Ireland. Aside from college work, he also delves into freelance opportunities, doing work for such clients as Mazda and Hewlett Packard.

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[singlepic id=1379 w=470 h=616 float=]
Cotton Club, Medusateam

Medusateam is a Spanish( Lleida town)  Multidisiplinary design Studio, created with the intention to make innovative, defying and stimulating work. Design for us is not just plain result, but a search for a unique experience; solutions that can, at the same time, inform and seduce. we believe in art as a device and that colaboration can lead to outstanding work.

Disciplines: Art Direction, Graphic design, Motion, Web, Branding, 3D, illustration

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MAD Architects: Tai Chung Convention Centre

MAD Architects: Tai Chung Convention Centre

[singlepic id=1370 w=470 h=436 float=]
Tai Chung, Taiwan, Type: Office, Hotel, Retail, Exhibition, Convention Halls, Site Area: 70,318 sqm, Building Area: 216,161 sqm, Building Height: 39m-85m, Structure: Vertical Circulation, Enclosure System, Skin: Pleated Skin System with Double Photvoltaic Glass, MAD Architects

“Beijing based MAD Architects has recently completed the design for the Taichung Convention Center, its first project in Taiwan commissioned by the Taichung city government.

The design is conceived as a continuous weave of architecture and landscape that blurs the boundary between architecture, public space and urban landscape, proposing a futuristic vision based on the East’s naturalistic philosophy. This project inherits Chinese architecture’s long-standing attitude towards holistic integration and order of space. It employs the Eastern philosophy of a harmonized synthesis between human and nature. In the face of the project’s enormous scale, the architecture no longer exists as a series of individual blocks, but instead is unified as a collective form. The resultant space enclosed within comes into focus, in a natural order emerging from air, wind and light, fostering a resonance between human and nature.”

[singlepic id=1371 w=470 h=270 float=]
Tai Chung, Taiwan, Type: Office, Hotel, Retail, Exhibition, Convention Halls, Site Area: 70,318 sqm, Building Area: 216,161 sqm, Building Height: 39m-85m, Structure: Vertical Circulation, Enclosure System, Skin: Pleated Skin System with Double Photvoltaic Glass, MAD Architects

“The city of Taichung requires a metropolitan landmark that goes beyond the local to renew urban life and redefine the cultural landscape of the city, that, through unique architectural concepts and proposing a new kind of architectural philosophy, launch Taichung into the arena of world class cultural cites. Today’s landmark buildings are no longer characterized by mere considerations for height, but have turned to cultural inquiries into the future and nature. More than making visual impacts, landmark buildings should foster public recreation, and inspire communication and imagination.

The site for this project is inherently characterized by an energy-rich landscape. Under its calm surface, topological potentials await to be discovered and expressed as urban landmarks. On the one hand, the architecture’s crater-shaped formation and resulting rotundas are the outcome of found site conditions. On the other hand, it simultaneously shapes and influences the surrounding environment, opening up a dialogue between architecture and landscape. The surface of the ‘mountains’ is a high-tech, eco-friendly pleated skin system. The smocking-like envelope provides air flow to the building while keeping energy consumption at a minimum by utilizing solar energy.

The open courtyards that connect the individual ‘mountains’ are integrated into a natural sequence of outdoor spaces. Like the quest for a harmonic coexistence between people and nature exemplified by Forbidden City and ancient Chinese gardens, this project seeks greater meaning in its non-material qualities, spaces encircled with the upmost naturalistic spirit. A single tree, a patch of bamboo, or a pond becomes central figures of the space. This approach to sustainable development is based not on technology, but on traditional philosophy and aesthetics”. – MAD Architects

Director in Charge: Ma Yansong, Dang Qun
Design Team: Jordan Kanter, Jtravis Russett, Irmi Reiter, Diego Perez, Dai Pu, Rasmus Palmquist, Art Terry, Chie Fuyuki

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Barry Underwood

Barry Underwood

[singlepic id=1366 w=470 h=583 float=]
Orange Stream, Barry Underwood

“These images are long exposure photographic documentations of full-scale installations that are built on-site in specific landscapes. Approached through a theatrical sensibility, the pieces intermingle concepts of contemporary painting, cinema and land art. Issues of illusion, imagination, narrative, are investigated, as is the potential of the ordinary to be transformed into the extraordinary through light and composition” – Barry Underwood

Barry Underwood is an Assistant Professor and Head of the Department of Film, Video, and Photographic Arts at the Cleveland Institute of Art. Barry has received two Bachelor of Arts degrees from Indiana University Northwest in 1990 in Theatre and 1992 in Photography. He earned his Masters in Photography from Cranbrook Academy of Art in 1995. In 2007 Barry participated in a thematic residency Imaginary Places, at Banff Center for the Arts, Banff, Alberta, Canada. In 2008 he participated in an Artists’ Enclave residency at I-Park in East Haddam, Connecticut.

[singlepic id=1368 w=470 h=470 float=]
Trace Blue, Barry Underwood

Last summer he participated in a residency at the Headlands Center for the Arts in Sausalito, California. His work has been exhibited internationally: Annual International Los Angeles Photographic Art Exposition, in Santa Monica, California, Photo Miami 2007 in Miami, Florida, and most recently Altered Landscape, a two person exhibition at Summit Gallery, in Banff, Alberta, Canada. Recently, Barry’s work was recently exhibited at NEXT 2009 The Invitational Exhibition of Emerging Art and Scope in Basel, Switzerland, and Earth Engines a two-person exhibition at Johansson Projects in Oakland, California. His work is included in several corporate and private collections. Upcoming exhibitions include Staged a group exhibition at Skew Gallery in Calgary, Alberta, Canada in January 2010, and a solo exhibition at Skew Gallery in May 2010.

“These images are documentations of dioramas and full-scale installations that are built on-site in the landscapes.  I use these as the means to explore issues of illusion, imagination, narrative, and the potential of the ordinary. I approach my photographic work with a theatrical sensibility that permits me to intermingle issues that arise from contemporary painting, cinema and land art. The resulting images are surreal images, given that they result from this cross-pollination between traditional photography and theater.   Light and color are used as subjective tools, affecting the perception of space while de-familiarizing common objects.  In this work, therefore, illusionistic space collapses while the lights that I install appear as intrusions and interventions as they contrast with the inherent atmospheric properties of natural light. This combination renders the forms in the landscape abstract” – Barry Underwood

[singlepic id=1369 w=470 h=470 float=]
Trace Yellow, Barry Underwood

Barry Underwood, currently lives in Cleveland, Ohio USA. MFA in Photography from Cranbrook Academy of Art, Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, USA
BA in Theatre and Photography Indiana University Northwest, Gary, Indiana, USA

See his website here

NGV – Ron Mueck

NGV – Ron Mueck

[singlepic id=1359 w=470 h=353 float=]
Ron Mueck, Born Australia 1958, Two women 2005 (detail), polyester resin, fibreglass, silicone, wool, cotton, nylon, synthetic hair, plastic, aluminium wire, steel, 82.6 x 48.7 x 41.5cm (variable), National Gallery of Victoria, Purchased by the Victorian Foundation for Living Australian Artists, 2007 © Ron Mueck courtesy Anthony d’Offay, London

[singlepic id=1360 w=470 h=313 float=]
Ron Mueck, Born Australia 1958, Dead Dad 1996/97 (detail), silicone, synthetic hair, polyurethane, styrene, 20 x 38 x 102cm, Private collection, Chicago, USA
© Ron Mueck courtesy Anthony d’Offay, London

In January 2010, the National Gallery of Victoria will present a major exhibition of the work of internationally renowned sculptor Ron Mueck. Known for his extraordinarily life‐like creations, this exhibition will feature twelve sculptures by Mueck including four new works. This will be the largest and most comprehensive Mueck exhibition ever to be held in Australia.

Frances Lindsay, NGV Deputy Director, said: “Since his dramatic entry onto the international art stage, Mueck has continued to astound audiences with his realistic, figurative sculptures and now occupies a unique and important place in the field of international contemporary art.”

The exhibition will draw from Australian and international collections, highlights include: Mask II, Man in a boat, Old woman in bed, Wild man, In bed, and through the generosity of a private collector from the United States, the iconic work Dead Dad.

In addition to these there will be a number of new works created specifically for this exhibition which will be unveiled for the first time in Melbourne.


NGV – Drape: Classical Mode to Contemporary Dress

NGV – Drape: Classical Mode to Contemporary Dress,
2 December 2009 – 27 June 2010

[singlepic id=1358 w=470 h=648 float=]
COMME DES GARÇONS, Tokyo (fashion house) est. 1969, Rei KAWAKUBO (designer), born Japan 1942, Dress 1997 spring-summer, cotton, polyester, nylon tulle, 122.0 cm (centre back length) 47.4 cm (waist, flat), National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne, Presented through the NGV Foundation by Takamasa Takahashi, 2005

Opening in December, the National Gallery of Victoria will present a spectacular collection of works in Drape: Classical Mode to Contemporary Dress. The exhibition will feature over 30 works primarily drawn from the NGV’s holdings of fashion and textiles, as well as key loans. Sculpture, paintings, decorative arts and photography, from antiquity to the present day will also be on display. Drape will showcase elegant gowns from the 19th century to more contemporary works including designs by Dolce & Gabbana and Comme des Garçons among others.

Paola Di Trocchio, Assistant Curator, International Fashion and Textiles, NGV said that bodies have been adorned in draped cloth since classical times. “After animal skins, draped woven cloth was the first means of clothing, and in Ancient Greece, was worn in countless configurations to indicate class, gender and social positioning. Over time, the wearing of loose cloth has become associated with elegance, timelessness, comfort, wealth, prestige, divinity and barbarism,” said Ms Di Trocchio.

Drape will explore the practice of arranging cloth on the body in two dominant modes, clinging drape and elevated drape. Clinging drape relies on direct contact between the body and the cloth, as in classical sculpture, while elevated drape shows fabric theatrically sculptured away from the body, similar to the gathering of cloth over crinolines and bustles.

Frances Lindsay, Deputy Director, NGV said: “The draped form has been a constant feature throughout the history of art. This exhibition will delight visitors with the myriad of ways in which artists and designers have produced timeless works with this fashion feature.”

This exhibition will include antiquities from classical Greece and Rome displaying the complex art of wrapping and cinching. These works will be shown alongside more contemporary pieces by designers such as Rei Kawakubo, Vivienne Westwood, Gianni Versace, Christian Dior, Balenciaga and Hussein Chalayan whose creations reference the history of drape.

Drape: Classical Mode to Contemporary Dress will be on display in the Myer Fashion & Textiles Gallery at NGV International, St Kilda Road from 2 December 2009 to 27 June 2010. NGV International is open 10am–5pm, closed Tuesdays. Admission to this exhibition is free.

Principal Sponsor:  Myer
Support Sponsor:  Sofitel

[singlepic id=1357 w=470 h=661 float=]
USSEIN CHALAYAN, London (fashion house) est. 1995, Hussein CHALAYAN (designer), born Cyprus 1970, emigrated to England 1982, Cast dress no. 2 2001 spring-summer, Ventriloquy collection (detail), polyester resin, (a) 44.0 x 39.0 x 20.0 cm (front) (top); (b) 45.0 x 40.0 x 22.0 cm (back) (top); (c) 60.0 x 95.5 x 34.0 cm (front) (skirt); (d) 60.0 x 88.5 x 30.0 cm (back) (skirt), National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne, Presented through the NGV Foundation by Norma and Stuart Leslie, Governors, 2001

Devin McGrath

Devin McGrath

[singlepic id=1349 w=470 h=514 float=]
Crow, 10″ x 11″, Ink, Graphite, Digital, Devin McGrath

Devin is a graduate of Parsons the New School For Design Illustration Program.  He currently resides in New York City working as a freelance Illustrator.  Some of his influences include Vania Zouravliov, Tomer Hanuka, Yuko Shimuzu, and Sam Weber.

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James Hopkins

James Hopkins

[singlepic id=1347 w=372 h=500 float=]
Design for Life, 2006, Mixed media, 230 x 180 x 35 cm, Private collection

Born in Stockport, Cheshire, UK, 1976, James Hopkins lives and works in Guernsey and London. After completion of studies: MA Fine Art, Goldsmiths College, University of London, 2001–2002, Postgraduate Diploma in Fine Art, Goldsmiths College, University of London, 2000–2001, BA (Hons) Fine Art Sculpture, University of Brighton, 1995–1998, James is now producing magnificent works, that intrigue the eye and inspire the mind.

[singlepic id=1346 w=372 h=500 float=]
Black Still Life, 2007, Mixed media, 235 x 173 x 30 cm, Private collection

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[singlepic id=1335 w=470 h=313 float=]
FREE SHOP, FamilyMart, Tokyo, Any merchandise the customer will purchase is free. Free shop takes place occasionally.

Thursday August 26th November 4-6 PM at Gallery Nils Stærk, Ny Carlsberg vej 68, DK-1760 Copenhagen
It is a great pleasure to present Superflex new book FREE SHOP. FREE SHOP takes place in ordinary shops at certain times – determined by Superflex and the shop owner – where the goods or services purchased in the shop are free of charge. FREE SHOP has been implemented in Norway, Denmark, Poland, Germany and Japan. The book consists of documentation from the various shops participating as well as interviews.

The book is published by Pork Salad Press and Superflex in collaboration with Dynamo 2008 Haugesund, Haugesund and the Gesellschaft für Aktuelle Kunst, Bremen.
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[singlepic id=1334 w=470 h=254 float=]
Ponyo (c)  2008 Nibariki – GNDHDDT, 2009 Nibariki – GNDHDDT

Madman proudly present the highly anticipated DVD release of PONYO – the latest animated masterpiece from Academy Award®-winning filmmaker Hayao Miyazaki, and the world-renowned, Studio Ghibli. In a small town by the sea, high on a cliff, lives 5-year-old Sosuke. One morning, while playing on the rocky beach below his house, he discovers a goldfish named Ponyo, her head stuck in a jam jar. Sosuke rescues Ponyo and keeps her in a green plastic bucket. Both Ponyo and Sosuke are fascinated by each other and promise to stay firm friends until Ponyo’s father, a sorcerer who lives deep under the sea, forces her to return with him to the ocean depths.
What follows is an amazing underwater adventure for all ages. The DVD release of PONYO includes both original Japanese language with English subtitles and the Disney Pixar produced English audio dub, featuring the voices of Cate Blanchette, Liam Neeson, Tina Fey, Matt Damon, Franki Jones and Noah Cyrus as Ponyo. PONYO is out on DVD, December 29th, 2009

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HP “Create Amazing”

HP “Create Amazing”

[singlepic id=1327 w=470 h=303 float=]

Using the ’tilt-shift’ effect the new ‘Create Amazing’ campaign from HP displays Shanghai, New York, Santorini, London, Istanbul, and some sets built in L.A, as if it were all a small-scale moving model.

Client: HP
Agency: Mcgarrybowen
Production Company: Partizan Entertainment