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Day November 8, 2010

20th Century Travel

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A lush visual history of the Golden Age of travel

The metabolism of travel changed more in the last century than in the previous half-millennium, a stunning transformation triggered by American wanderlust. In less than 100 years, the U.S. mass-produced the automobile, invented airplanes, freeways, motels, even sent men to the Moon. Travel grew ever faster and easier. Above all, it was democratized — enabling millions to explore distant lands, or see their own more fully.

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At the start of the 20th century, only people with extensive disposable income and time to spare could enjoy leisure travel. By the century’s end, journeys took hours, not days, and mass travel — especially brief air flights — became the new normal. Along the way, ocean liners broke speed records, aerodynamic trains roared down the tracks, stylish boat-plane clippers evolved into jumbo jets. Whether aboard high-speed locomotives or ships, jets, or Greyhound buses — or when setting their own schedule on the open road — Americans demanded ever greater mobility and wider choice of destinations, thereby setting a new standard for travelers around the world.

A lush visual history of international wanderlust, this volume features 400-plus print advertisements from the Jim Heimann Collection, that illustrate the evolution of leisure travel — from domestic to global, exclusive to popular, exotic to standardized — and its crucial role in American culture.

With an introduction, decade-by-decade analysis, and  an illustrated timeline, this book highlights the cultural and technological developments that transformed travel from a cushioned journey of the elite into a convenient leisure pastime for the general public. 20th Century Travel takes us on a grand tour of travel’s golden age.

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Underground Cinema – Halloween

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2010, Australia, Halloween, Melbourne, UGC, Photography – Dan Murphy

“It can’t rain all the time…”

During a weekend where Melbourne experienced a significant amount of rain, it seemed somewhat appropriate to attend the spooky Underground Cinema event for Halloween. Especially as the mystery film was revealed to be the 90s goth/crime cult classic: The Crow.

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2010, Australia, Halloween, Melbourne, UGC, Photography – Dan Murphy

Approaching the secret location characters from the film came to life to interact with you. Whilst waiting in line, small excerpts from the film were re-enacted by the characters standing by: skatebaording past or clutching to a faux grave stone. With so much happening around you, it cannot be helped but to become swept up in the energy and excitement. The Underground Cinema creates an environment where guests are encouraged to be invloved in the scene they create: rather than just a viewer.

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2010, Australia, Halloween, Melbourne, UGC, Photography – Dan Murphy

Be quick to get tickets to the Underground Cinema’s final event for 2010 – tickets can be purchased here