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Day September 5, 2011

You Have No Chance With Coincidence – Yusk Imai

You Have No Chance With Coincidence

9th – 25th September
Backwoods Gallery
25 Easey Street Collingwood
Melbourne, Australia

[singlepic id=2303 w=440 h=270 float=]
“Bloom” Acrylic and Oil on Canvas 

Despite being born in the United States, and of Japanese descent, it is the vibrant city energy and graffiti culture of his home town São Paulo that has played the most distinctive role in developing Yusk Imai’s artistic vision.

Yusk represents the vanguard of a new generation of emerging Brazilian artists. His style transcends that of the hackneyed, commonplace street art often seen gracing street and gallery walls, and is the very reason that he is universally considered a unique character.

Yusk’s works are emotionally rich with spiritual messages and ask questions about human nature, our aspirations and our identity. His fine motifs and distinctive palette are an unquestionable nod to the masters of Art Nouveau.

[singlepic id=2304 w=440 h=270 float=]
“Love Is Born From Coincidences” Acrylic and Oil on Canvas

 [singlepic id=2305 w=440 h=270 float=]
“Hand of Coincidence” Acrylic and Oil on Canvas 

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