Everyday Ambitions

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Mecca Cosmetica x Vogue Beauty Elections Campaign Catalogue

Everyday Ambitions is a Melbourne based studio with a simple, personalised approach to graphic design services. Since launching in late 2010, the studio has worked with large and small brands including Mecca Cosmetica,
Kit Cosmetics, Incu, Portmans, Kookai, Lee and Wrangler.

Everyday Ambitions help clients tell their stories in ways that are appropriate
to their brand and their customers. They are inspired by the creative challenge
of projects that work across a wide range of mediums; from large scale environmental graphics to printed matter, publications and packaging.
While they are passionate about typography, colour, pattern, and image making, the focus is always on producing designs that work for their clients rather than expressing a house style.

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Mecca Cosmetica Holiday Window
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Mecca Cosmetica Holiday Packaging

Mecca Cosmetica Holiday: Graphic Design, Windows, Packaging,
In Store Graphics
This intricately layered graphic was designed to create a magical, spellbound feeling inside Mecca Cosmetica stores during Christmas. The window was produced using a combination of printed graphic, silver and holographic vinyl decal. Each of the 22 stores had a unique version of the graphic. The graphic was then applied to a variety of promotional collateral including in store signage, custom produced bags and hang tags. – EA

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Becko Identity + Slip Case
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Becko Packaging Inserts

Becko: Identity, Packaging
This logo was designed to graphically represent the ‘magic’ mechanism holding the notes inside the flip wallet. The Tyvek slip case packaging was used to protect the product in transit and look good on the store shelf. – EA

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