National Condom Tin Competition: Winners Announced

Alex Naghavi from Brisbane and Vladimir Zokic from Canberra, have won a national competition calling on creative young Australians to design a limited edition tin to help make carrying condoms as normal as carrying a mobile phone or keys.

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Alex Naghavi

Alex is a talented Designer, Photographer and Illustrator, who entered the competition to not only gain attention for her work, but to make a difference in the lives of thousands of Australian youth. “The intention behind the design was to appeal to both men and women – responsibility goes both ways; so I hope my design helps lessen the embarrassment of carrying around condoms as well as lessen the risks associated with unprotected sex,” said Alex.

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Vladimir Zokic

Vladimir is an inspired Multimedia and Graphic Designer, who found the competition an exciting challenge creatively and a chance to become involved in a relevant initiative for all Australian youth. “I designed this tin with the intention of people keeping the tin and using it.  I hope my tin will show young people that carrying a condom is ok – in fact it is cool,” said Vladimir.

The two winning designs were selected from an enormous pool of entries by the industry and celebrity judging panel:  dating, sex and relationships commentator Samantha Brett; pop, rock and music sensation Bluejuice; and visual and performing artist Ben Frost.

These two unique, winning designs will now feature on the next set of condom tins that will be distributed around the country.

The competition was part of the National Sexually Transmissible Infections Prevention Program: Sexual Health Campaign to address a significant rise in sexually transmissible infections (STIs). The campaign promotes condoms as one of the best ways to protect against STIs and encourages those who have had unprotected sex to see a doctor about getting tested.

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