DG Student Design Competition 2013 – Call for Entries

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Design a cover for an imaginary issue of DG magazine with the theme: ‘Images of the Decade’. Trimmed page size: 297mm x 210mm, portrait (A4).

The imaginary issue will have a series of articles on images that are representative of a particular decade. That period may be in the past or future. Not the present.

The cover should therefore include one or more images that typify a particular period. The subject allows for a variety of editorial angles; historical or futuristic.

All entries must use the templates supplied by DGi Media (Adobe InDesign and Adobe Photoshop). Which can be downloaded from here.

The graphics may be illustrative or photographic. In the case of photographs, some third party photographs may be used (as magazines and newspapers do), but in such cases it must be clearly marked on the entry form. If third party images are used, marks will be awarded for an individual’s creative and original use of such images.

It is important that the design is the entrant’s own work. Images may be sourced from third parties but they must not be used “as found”. Entrants should use photo-imaging techniques to create unique cover images.

The subject can be approached from many angles, such as:

Cultural references: News and Current Events; Fashion; Technology; Architecture; Music; Science; Sport; etc.

When the students consider these themes in the context of various decades, there is great scope for innovative solutions.

Here are a few tips to get the students in the right groove:

- A single eye-catching image is better than a jumble of small images.
- Maximise shelf appeal. (Ask yourself: why do most covers avoid brown?)
- Try to convey the visual flavour through the appropriate use of images, colour and texture.
- Avoid visual puns.
- Try to escape from the prison of your own personal interests. Explore! …and, most importantly

- Don’t develop the first idea that comes into your head. Do pencil sketches first. Don’t be afraid to throw away several ideas before you start on the final work.
And don’t forget to include some cover lines.

The CALL FOR ENTRIES can be downloaded here
The TEMPLATES can be downloaded here

Please see the Call for Entries for complete Terms & Conditions

Closing date for entries – 30 April 2013
Competition is open to Australian Tertiary and Secondary School students only
There is no entry fee for the competition

The prizes will be announced at the DG Design Network and via newsletters. You can sign up for newsletters here for notification.

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